2019 - 2020 SCHOOL YEAR

 Paper applications will be available at each school site. Please see Site Director for applications.

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Registration Process

Dear Parents and Guardians,


We are excited to share the enrollment process for the 2019-2020  ICES After School Program with you.  If you submitted an application between, May 28, 2019 – May 31, 2019 you will be contacted by the end of July with the status of your child’s enrollment.  Please do not submit another application. We appreciate your patience as we prepare for your child to enjoy an enriching after school program. Thank you.


Enrollment Process

  • Paper applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.  Each application will be date/time stamped when it is received. 

Proceso de Registro En Español

Queridos Padres y Guardianes,

Nos complace compartir con ustedes el proceso de inscripción pare el programa extracurricular ICES 2019-2020.  Si presento una solicitud entre el 28 de Mayo del 2019 al 31 de Mayo de 2019, se le contactara a fines de julio para informarle acerca del estado de la inscripción de su hijo o hija.  Por favor, no envié otra solicitud.  Agradecemos mucho su paciencia mientras nos preparamos para que su hijo o hija disfruten de un enriquecedor programa después de la escuela.  Gracia

Proceso de Inscripción 

  • Las solicitudes de papel se procesaran por orden de llegada.  Cada solicitud será estampada con fecha y hora cuando sea recibida.

AESD Registration Form

  • Paper applications will be available at each school site. Please see Site Director for applications. Thank you for your interest in our program.

  • Las solicitudes en papel estarán disponibles en cada escuela. Por favor, consulte el Director del sitio para las aplicaciones. Gracias por su interés en nuestro programa.

Program Coordinator

Jesse Vega - (760) 907-5552

Programs Offered

Culinary Arts Program

We offer students a sneak preview into culinary arts and the importance of a balanced meal using fresh ingredients.

Literacy Program

We offer students tutoring in reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, note taking and critical thinking.

Performing Arts Program

ICES offers students a fun and safe learning environment with a creative outlet through our performing arts program.

S.T.E.M Program

Students have an opportunity to engage in chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, robotics and much more.

Sports Program

We provide students with a variety of daily organized sports activities and competitive sports clubs.

Visual Arts Program

Students are free to experiment with a variety of art forms, materials and media, and let their imagination take control.


If you interested in knowing more or wish to have our programs offered at your school, please contact us.

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