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A.L.L. Program Quality Standards for

Expanded Learning in California

Parent/Guardian/Student Assessment Tool Questioner

Step 1 - Parent/Guardian(s) Section ~ Active and Engaged Learning


Activities reflect the mission and goals of the program.

Mission: Provide students with an open and supportive environment that encourages the discovery of their individual potential.

Goals: Each child will develop a sense of self; through confidence, feeling of belonging, academic achievement, and individual creativity.

My student is able to provide feedback to determine enrichment offerings that best fit his/her interest.

A.L.L. Program integrates opportunities for responsible decision-making and the development of social and emotional skills.
Examples: Leadership Opportunities, Breakout Sessions, Open Door Policies, etc.

Activity schedules are provided with room assignments for accessibility to my student, and family.

My student is offered a blend of academic support, including tutoring, study hall, and/or homework help as appropriate to the program as well as enrichment opportunities in the arts, recreation, health, etc.

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