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A.L.L. Program Quality Standards for

Expanded Learning in California

Parent/Guardian/Student Assessment Tool Questioner

A quality program provides a well-rounded variety of activities and opportunities that support the physical, social, and cognitive growth and development of all participants. With your assistance, we can identify the needs to improve our team in establishing a well-rounded program.


The A.L.L Program thanks you for your time and dedication!

Step 1 - Parent/Guardian(s) Section ~ Active and Engaged Learning


Activities reflect the mission and goals of the program.

Mission: Provide students with an open and supportive environment that encourages the discovery of their individual potential.

Goals: Each child will develop a sense of self; through confidence, feeling of belonging, academic achievement, and individual creativity.

My student is able to provide feedback to determine enrichment offerings that best fit his/her interest.

A.L.L. Program integrates opportunities for responsible decision-making and the development of social and emotional skills.
Examples: Leadership Opportunities, Breakout Sessions, Open Door Policies, etc.

Activity schedules are provided with room assignments for accessibility to my student, and family.

My student is offered a blend of academic support, including tutoring, study hall, and/or homework help as appropriate to the program as well as enrichment opportunities in the arts, recreation, health, etc.

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