ICES Supplemental

ICES Education has been serving California families for over 30 years, providing top quality service in academics, sports, and other areas of education. Our programs are built upon the foundation of excellence and time-tested methods that have allowed us to be one of the leading providers of Before and After-school programs in the United States.

Below is an outline of our successful methodology that has allowed us to maintain our quality and commitment to our partners and to the students who join us every day:

Program Structure

Each After-school program has a Site Director who is regularly at his/her school for a minimum of a 6 hours per school day. Site Directors liaise with school staff to ensure that programs run according to ICES Education policy and align with school life in general. In addition to Site Directors, our programs are continuously monitored and developed by Program Coordinators and Consultant Specialists who together ensure that the highest of standards are met.

Academic Coordinators

ICES Education programs are academically driven as we understand the need for providing complementary academic support to the instructional day in order for students to meet their full potential. ICES Education academic coordinators are responsible for assuring optimal academic alignment to school and district needs. They are formally trained on Common Core learning expectations and write, or can assist in writing a curriculum around the principles of Common Core. Additionally they work with interventions, state testing prep camps and modeling/training.

Healthy Lifestyles Collaborative

Among the millions of children and young people in our communities, poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyles cause serious health problems, lower self-esteem, lead to social and psychological problems and contribute to poor academic performance.

Without intervention, every three children born in 2000 is likely to develop type 2 diabetes in their lifetime, and for children of color the likelihood increases to one in two. Perhaps most importantly, there is evidence that this is the first generation that will have a shorter life expectancy than their parents if obesity continues.

ICES Education has teamed up with The Center for Collaborative Solutions in supporting the State sponsored Healthy Behaviors Initiative After-school programs. Through this collaboration, ICES Education is piloting an array of healthy living practices in it’s programs to combat this serious issue.

If you are interested in knowing more or wish to have this program at your school,
please contact the ICES Education corporate office.