ICES Education now successfully coordinates over 30 After School Programs in California, serving around 8,000 students every day. We have several, personalized references available; please contact us to learn more!

“Let me start by saying “Thank you”. ICES is something that was greatly missing for working parents. You and your staff are amazing. I really appreciate that you take all of my requests and suggestions seriously. A million Thank you.”

Nichole, Parent.
Ranch Hills. (PUSD)

“I just want to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the incredible job you are doing with our kids.You really have made the program a stand out above all others. You both have led staff with a clear direction that remains positive for kids. Your thought, organization, and hard work really shines through your staff and the whole program. Comment after comment has come back to me on the great work you are doing. We are so lucky to have your leadership. Please express our thanks and recognition to your whole team; we are off to a great start.”

Sandy McClure, Principal.
Green Elementary. (SDUSD)

“I have yet to meet anyone associated with this program who is not extremely dedicated, very talented, and always willing to help”

Sterling Schubert, Asst. Principal.
Eastmont Intermediate School. (MUSD)

“I am very grateful for the ICES program for helping my students from Project Safety Net. It is an excellent program. It has helped to improve my students by bringing up their grades as well as their behavior and attitude.”

Desiree, Project Safety Net
Montebello Unified School District

“I have been privileged to be able to have the ICES After-school program on our site and would love to have more families to be able to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity”

Mona Diaz, Principal.
Del Valle Elementary School

“ICES is a great program! I see students engaged and learning in the activities you and your coaches lead.”

Jorge Ronquillo, Asst. Principal.
Lassalette School

“ICES has made a positive effect on our school, where we have been able to keep families in our attendance area, as well as bringing students in from other schools.”

Ken Quon, Principal.
Glenelder Elementary School

“Emphasis on the program is holistic in nature, in that they address the academic realities of homework each session and there is support given to students who have difficulties.”

Warren & Elga Kunkle, Parents.
Macy Intermediate School (MUSD)

“It is educational, mentally and physically challenging in a fun and friendly school environment. I love the instructors and would recommend it to parents out there.”

Tina Kirya, Parent.
Macy Intermediate School and Bella Vista Elementary School (MUSD)

“The support with the students is great. The kids are excited to get involved. Each coach takes the time to make the child feel special.”

Robert Jordan, Teacher.
Macy Intermediate School (MUSD)

“As a parent I appreciate programs like ICES because this way I know that my child is not only well taken care of but is using his time efficiently and not in the streets using drugs or becoming a member of a gang. I think the ICES program should be kept not only at Eastmont Intermediate School but should be offered in every school in the U.S. this way our future generations will turn to be dedicated professionals and will avoid or decrease crime.”

Aurelia S. Chavez, Parent.
Eastmont Intermediate School (MUSD)

“Not only do they help with homework, improving their skills in sports but the ICES programs also helps with the students self esteem and keeping them motivated in attaining a higher education.”

Ms. Jacques, Avid Tutor.
Eastmont Intermediate School (MUSD)

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